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Mike - Holster design, production and shipping.

I have been interested in firearms since I was a child and it is my pleasure to be a craftsman for the JSHolsters brand. Growing up in NJ limited my shooting opportunities but I managed to get out to hunt small game and shoot targets as a youngster. As soon as I could I left the peoples republic and went to the left coast. There I could shoot and hunt to my hearts content, unfortunately that time was cut short by a call from Uncle Sugar so I enlisted in the Air Force.

It was 1966 and the world was heating up. I did four years working on electronics systems on jet aircraft and got out in 1970 having traveled the world. Returning to the states I enrolled in college and after graduating worked as a teacher for several years until deciding to get a masters degree. Twenty three years working in electronics repair, Plant design and Information technology led to my retirement and the good fortune to be approached by my longtime friend Jason to join his firm.

I am active in IDPA and IHMSA and hunt with both gun and bow. I live in Tennessee and can shoot from the deck of my house anytime I choose with whatever I choose.

Can life get much better?

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