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My card: I'm a card carrying member of the gun culture. I have an MBA and have been appointed as an NRA Senior Training Counselor. When I'm not engaged in the holster business, I occasionally teach a firearms class or an Instructor Development Workshop.

In my spare time I also manage to work as an IT Professional. I have a beautiful and talented wife (Tango5) who has given us the gift of children. I was present for each birth and at the time was granted the opportunity to see the eyes of God in the gaze of a newborn. My cup runneth over...

I was born and raised in Nebraska and return occasionally to help control the varmint population in Western Nebraska. At age 17 I arrived at MCRD San Diego and 82 days later earned the title of United States Marine. I may be out of the Marine Corps but the Marine Corps is in me for life.

While serving as a Marine, I was a mechanic and crew chief on Sikorsky CH-53 Helicopters. Everything my recruiter told me about being a crew chief was true. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs I could have hoped for.

After my Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps I entered the job market and worked my way through college. Along the way I met and eventually married my lovely wife Tango5. Following in the footsteps of many gunowners I sought a pocket holster that held my mouse gun securely and discreetly while granting a smooth draw (minus the holster following the gun). In early 2000 Tango5 gave me a Coach wallet that I carry to this day. The profile of that wallet provided the basis for my design ideas for a pocket holster.

Three years later we purchased new leather furniture that ushered in the mandate of "no guns or knives" to be worn on or about any person sitting, resting or reclining on said furniture. I found myself searching for a holster that could be easily removed prior to furniture engagement. My criteria was comfort, durability, ease of use and stationary positioning during repeated draw/holster evolutions. The result of my quest was a return to the design table that yielded the paddle design that we currently sell.

As a young Marine I had ample time to self-educate. I read the works of Harvey Mackay and from his writing developed a philosophy towards life. In Mr. Mackay's words, in order to succeed you should "Do what you love. Love what you do. And always deliver more than you promise".

Prior to crafting my own KYDEX® holsters I purchased a Blade-Tech IWB holster. When the holster developed a hairline crack I contacted Blade-Tech and inquired about their warranty. Blade-Tech shipped a replacement sight unseen and provided a return shipping label for the cracked holster. While our designs differ from those at Blade-Tech, we have modeled our customer service after that experience.

I'm running long here (as I usually do) so I will close with our philosophy towards customer service. If you purchase anything from us and it does not meet your standards we will gladly re-craft the item(s) or refund your purchase price to include shipping. We do value your feedback and will use your input to improve upon our quality, service and delivery times.

It is my pleasure to be a member of the gun culture and serve those who call themselves "gun owners". I am honored that so many have chosen our designs to carry the tools used to defend themselves, their families, their communities and these United States of America. By possessing the bravery to confront danger with a sharp mind and heavy hand you are an integral part of the foundation which secures the most vital, generous and prosperous nation on the planet.

May you triumph in battle and return safely to your family and loved ones. Please find comfort in knowing that we thank God for you and ask his blessings for you.

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"Both the oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms."--Aristotle


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