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About JSHolsters, LLC

JSHolsters, LLC is a small company headquarted in Pennsylvania with all production/fulfillment conducted in Chuckey, TN. We have four partners, with Mike as the most recent addition. Mike came to us as a friend who retired from the real world and now spends his days crafting and/or fulfilling everything we make or sell. We've moved our tools and forms to Mike's shop in TN and he is now in charge of every product that goes out the door. Of the four partners, two have voiced a desire to remain "in the shadows" for professional reasons outside of JSHolsters, LLC. This is why they have declined to publish their bios.

That doesn't mean that they do not contribute to our success. They provide plenty of advice on marketing, holster design and company direction. With that said, please take the time to read about Mike and I. If you buy any of our holsters, we will have both taken part in the process.

Mike - Craftsman, genius, friend.
Jason - The JS, in JSHolsters.

Mike is now crafting all of our holsters and shipping directly from his shop in TN. We have experienced a growth that has caused us to expand and reorganize. That growth is due entirely to folks like you. I have transitioned from holster maker to "hey Mike, what do you think of this holster idea?" It will take some time to get used to, the good news is that Mike is 20 times more talented than I. I have a large "humility" collection of holsters that will never see the light of day. Some call it a learning curve.

Thanks for choosing JSHolsters, LLC. We look forward to crafting a holster that will exceed your expectations and live up to our motto: We don't do pretty. We do practical.TM

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